Posted November 28 by Lukas Horak
Nov 28 by Lukas Horak

The future of augmented reality (AR) in cars

the-future-of-augmented-reality-ar-in-cars-img the-future-of-augmented-reality-ar-in-cars-img

Augmented reality (AR) has immense potential to benefit our everyday lives - especially in the car. From improving the driving experience to preventing accidents and from providing helpful information turn-by-turn directions, the future of the connected car has never looked so amazing.

The Connected Experience

From the moment you step into the car AR, AI, internet access, smartphone integration and voice control work together to enhance the drive and make the experience effortless for the journey ahead.


Direction & Road Awareness

With a built-in Heads Up Display (HUD) in the windshield, navigation is easier and understands the conditions on the road ahead making it easier than relying on audio cues or taking your eyes off the road.


Live POIs

Real-world points of interest help you easily locate everything from parking options to the nearest gas station on your way to your next destination.


An Extra Set of Eyes

Pedestrians, cyclists and other potential in-road hazards can be unpredictable. AR highlights objects that are most likely to become a hazard to ensure the driver can safely avoid an accident.


Surroundings Awareness

Built-in sensors feed real-time information directly into the AR to not only knows what's around you, but alert you of sudden changes in speed or a full-stop of vehicles ahead.


Intelligent Parking

Leveraging spatial understanding, the HUD highlights parking spaces which the car can fit within as well as identifying any associated costs or time limits for a space.


Automatic Adaptation

Whether driving through a tunnel, out of a parking garage or during the brightest part of the day, the car's HUD adapts to ensure drivers can always clearly see the important information overlaid by AR.



Taking a call or receiving an important alert should never take a driver's eyes off the road. Integrating the HUD, microphone and the car's speakers ensure that you never have to look down at your phone while driving again.


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